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West Trail Shoreline Project

Project Location:Pillar Point Harbor
Status:Major Construction Completed, Planting will begin in October
Initial Funding:April 2016
Estimated Completion:COMPLETED
Description:Evaluate alternatives to prevent further trail erosion with an emphasis on a Living Shoreline with minimal hard armoring, re-line concrete swale, and stabilize adjacent hillside with planting of native vegetation. 
Justification: The West Trail and adjacent bluffs have sustained substantial erosion..
Strategic Goal/Operating Impact:1) Comprehensive Long-Range Planning Guides District Actions and Decision-Making
 2) Infrastructure Improvements are Guided by Comprehensive Long-Term Planning.
 3) Environmental Stewardship 

January 18, 2023

Construction was completed on April 27, 2022, project monitoring will continue for a 5 year period. Planting for soil stabilization to begin soon, had to wait for rains to wash away residual salt from the transplanted sand/soil. Recent storms have caused significant sand erosion, appears the underlying cobble and large rock fingers held up well, consultants evaluating effectiveness and will make recommendations if design improvements needed. West Trail area SW of the project has sustained storm damage, looking to include continuing hillside drainage.   

April 27, 2022

Major construction has been completed, planting had to be postponed until rainy season, will begin in October, project monitoring will continued for a 5 year period. 

March 1, 2022

Project construction is going as planned.  Sediment stored at the airport for beneficial re-use was removed and being used on site at West Trail. Project completion date is anticipated for mid-April.

Construction Phase: December 2021 - April 2022

To protect an eroding segment of the West Trail, the District is constructing a Living Shoreline Consisting of a combinatino of cobble and sand dunes.  The Project will restore beach and dune habitat within the harbor and allow for continued public and emergency vehicle access along the trail.  The 300 lineaer foot living shoreline project has been designed for a lasting natural defense against coastal erosion and sea level rise. 

The Project also includes Improvements to the existing stormdrain system in this area.  The existing hillside storm drain will be undergrounded along the hillside slope and drainage will be routed to a new Bioretention Basin before discharging to the Pillar Point Marsh.  This restored freshwater connection willl provide ecological benefits to the marsh ecosystem.  

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 Before and After Pictures