Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning continues to be a top priority for the Harbor District, and looks forward to continuing steps through 2018. 

May 2, 2018 Strategic Plan Workshop #2

PCT 26 was unavailable to video tape this workshop.  A stand up camera was set up and captured most, but not all of the workshop.

Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(1).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(2).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(3).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(4).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(5).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(6).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(7).MP4SMCHD_Outline_for_Strategic Plan_Workshop#2_2018_05_02.pdfSMCHD_Agenda_for_Strategic Plan_Workshop#2_2018_05_02.pdf2018_05_02_SpecialMeetingAgenda_Strategic_Plan_Workshop.pdf

January 24, 2018 Goals Workshop #1



At the Board Meeting of September 20, 2017, Rauch Communications was selected as the consultant to develop Harbor District's Strategic Plan.

Regular Meeting Minutes - September 20, 2017Strategic Planning Staff Report - September 20, 2017


Rauch Communication Presentation to Committee Sept. 7, 2017Rauch Communication Consultants Strategic Plan Development Proposal Strategic Plan Development RFP - 2017Strategic Planning Workshop Report - BHI Management Consulting - Feb. 2017


Strategic Planning Committee Meeting July 27, 2016Strategic Planning Committee Report June 22, 2016


Lisa Wise Consulting - App A - Infrastructure Facilities AssessmentLisa Wise Consulting - App B - Financial Condition DraftLisa Wise Consulting - App C - Fishing Community Sustainability_Draft


1991 - Pillar Point Harbor Master Plan