Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning continues to be a top priority for the Harbor District, and looks forward to continuing steps through 2019. Provide your Strategic Plan input here.

Two Strategic Planning Community Forums were held to gather public input - one on November 7, 2018 in SSF and one on November 13, 2018 in El Granada.

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SMCHD Strategic Plan Community Forums


May 2, 2018 Strategic Plan Workshop #2

PCT 26 was unavailable to video tape this workshop.  A stand up camera was set up and captured most, but not all of the workshop.

Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(1).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(2).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(3).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(4).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(5).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(6).MP4Strategic_Plan_Wksp_2_May, 2, 2018(7).MP4SMCHD_Outline_for_Strategic Plan_Workshop#2_2018_05_02.pdfSMCHD_Agenda_for_Strategic Plan_Workshop#2_2018_05_02.pdf2018_05_02_SpecialMeetingAgenda_Strategic_Plan_Workshop.pdf

January 24, 2018 Goals Workshop #1



At the Board Meeting of September 20, 2017, Rauch Communications was selected as the consultant to develop Harbor District's Strategic Plan.

Regular Meeting Minutes - September 20, 2017Strategic Planning Staff Report - September 20, 2017


Rauch Communication Presentation to Committee Sept. 7, 2017Rauch Communication Consultants Strategic Plan Development Proposal Strategic Plan Development RFP - 2017Strategic Planning Workshop Report - BHI Management Consulting - Feb. 2017


Strategic Planning Committee Meeting July 27, 2016Strategic Planning Committee Report June 22, 2016


Lisa Wise Consulting - App A - Infrastructure Facilities AssessmentLisa Wise Consulting - App B - Financial Condition DraftLisa Wise Consulting - App C - Fishing Community Sustainability_Draft


1991 - Pillar Point Harbor Master Plan