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Wildlife Protection

The San Mateo County Harbor District does not just have beautiful safe harbors for vessels, it is home to a variety of seabirds and marine life.  While visiting Pillar Point Harbor or Oyster Point Marina/Park, you may see seals, or seal lions, animals which are protected by federal law.  It is illegal to disturb them or do anything that might make them change their behavior. This applies to birds in the Pillar Point Marsh.

A few tips while visiting:

  • Keep your distance. Watch them in a safe, responsible way.
  • Be considerate of seal and sea lion mothers and pups.  If you see an injured, stranded, or dead marine mammal, call (866)767-6114.
  • Keep pets away and on a leash so as not to disburb or harm wildlife.

For downloadable wildlife brochures and helpful links, see below.

Image Sea Lion
Harbor Seal
No Selfies with Seals - Share the Shore brochure (NOAA Fisheries)


Image Sea Life
Coastal Seals
Share the Shore with Seals and Sea Lions brochure (NOAA Fisheries)


Image Sea Bird
Brandt's Commorant
Seabird Aware brochure (Seabird Protection Network)


Image Whales
Marine Mammals of the U.S. West Coast
Marine Mammals of the U.S. West Coast - Marine Mammal Protection Act brochure (NOAA Fisheries)Seabirds & Special Closures in California Marine Protected Areas Bodega Head to Ano Nuevo brochure (CA DFG)PADDLERS - Steer Clear of Seabirds brochure (Seafood Protection Network)California State Designated Marine Protection Areas - Point Arena to Pigeon Point brochure (CA DFG)


The Marine Mammal Center

NOAA Fisheries

Peninsula Humane Society

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary - Seabird Protection Network

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary 

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Protected Area

California Beaches - Pillar Point Marsh

Pillar Point State Marine Conservation Area