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Resolutions - 2016

01-16 To Amend the Current Rates and Fees Schedule of the SMCHD for OPM.pdf02-16 to Request Grant Funding from the DBW for a Pilot Surfers Beach Sand Replenishment Project.pdf03-16 of the SMCHD to Authorize the GM to Approve Purchases in an amount not to Exceed $25,000.pdf04-16 of the SMCHD to Approve an Amendment to the LIst of Authorized Positions Necessary to Satisfy the Req of the Distrct's Operations.pdf05-16 of the SMCHD to Establish Budget Appropriations Authority for the Board of HC.pdf06-16 Approve Bad Debt Write-Off Amounts due from Tenants of PPH and OPMM to SMCHD.pdf07-16 - NOT USED.pdf08-16 - NOT USED.pdf09-16 of the SMCHD to Amend the Contract with GHD, Inc in the Amt of $3,094.44 for the Completion of the Emerg. Repairs of W. Trail Culvert.pdf10-16 NOT USED.pdf11-16 of the SMCHD to Authorize Submittal of an App to the UST for TII Grant in Amt not to Exceed $6,000,000 and appoint GM.pdf12-16 of the SMCHD to Adopt the Prelimiary Budget for FY 2016-17 Operating and Capital Budget.pdf13-16 Approving the Form of and Authorizing Execution of a Sixth Amended and Restated JPA and Auth. Participation in SDRMA Work Comp Program.pdf14-16 - NOT USED.pdf15-16 - NOT USED.pdf16-16 Adopt Changes to the District Compensation Policy of the SMCHD.pdf17-16 Rescind Resolution 34-05 and Authorize Signatures on Financial Instituion Accounts of the SMCHD.pdf18-16 to Rescind 51-06 of the SMCHD Authorizing Investment of Monies in the LAIF.pdf19-16 Adopt the Fiscal Year 2016-17 Integrated Operating and Capital Budget of the SMCHD.pdf20-16 Destruction or Disposal of Records.pdf21-16(6-29-16) A Resolution of the Board of Directors of the SMCHD Approving the Form of and Authorizing the Execution of a Sixth Amended JPA Agreement and Authorizing Par.pdf21-16(7-20-16) For Employer Paid Member Contributions.pdf

22-16  - NOT USED

23-16 Requesting the Board of Supervisors of SMC to hold and conduct the election in the manner prescribed in Section 10418 of the Election Code.pdf24-16(7-20-16) Resolution for Employer Paid Member Contributions (Classic Post July 1, 2009) (2).pdf24-16(8-3-16) Requesting Approval of District Policy 6.2.5, Titled Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Prevention.pdf25-16 Commissioner Travel Expense Reimbursements.pdf


26-16 Approving the Establishment of a reserve policy for the SMCHD.pdf28-16 Adopt a Revised Conflict of Interest Code of the SMCHD w Matrix.pdf29-16 Resolution by the SMCHD BoC Commissioners Relative to the HMBYC Dock Expansion and Pier Project.pdf30-16 Approval of an Application for Prop 84 Grant Funding from CA Ocean Protection Council for the planning of the Pilot Surfers Beach Sand Replenishment Project.pdf31-16 Revise Ordinances of the SMCHD to reflect Current Staff Organization w Matrix.pdf33-16 Destruction or Disposal of Records.pdf34-16 Revise Ordinance 2.30.030 of the SMCHD w Matrix.pdfResolution No. 35-16 - A Resolution of the (Governing Body) of SMCHD Approving the Form of and Authorizing the Execution of a MOU and Authorizing Participation in the SDRMA's Health Benefits Program.pdf36-16 SMCHD Resolution Oil Spill Response Equipment Grant Program Agreement with the CA DFW.pdf37-16_AmendResolution 03-15 to Establish Regular Meeting Locations of the SMCHD.pdf38-16_Amend Reso 04-14 to Change the Location and Regular Meeting Date Each Month of the SMCHD.pdf